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Selfa Grzejnictwo Elektryczne S.A. is the biggest Polish heating elements producer. Stabilized position (tradition since 1932) as well, as many years of experience and constantly growing sales, helped Selfa to obtain a titre of top quality heating elements production leader in Poland
Selfa has achieved its position through 2001 - 2007 long-term investment projects, such as: comprehensive modernization of the machinery park, production hall with social background, and the purchase of new machinery and technological equipment. Selfa’s essential purpose is to satisfy its Clients needs. Therefore Quality Management System in accordance with PN EN ISO 9001:2001 has been implemented (certified by VDE Institute). It helps to determine and ensure compliance of Selfa’s products and services to customer requirements.
Stable prices as well, as wide range of products, its quality and company’s policy – focused individually on each client – guarantees, that SELFA is an attractive and credible business partner.
We invite You for cooperation with us.
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SELFA PV - moduy fotowoltaiczne


ofertZapytanie ofertowe ZO-41-1.2 Komora nakładania primerów

ofert4Zawiadomienie o wynikach ZO-41-1.2

ofertZapytanie ofertowe ZO-38-1.2 Wyposażenie magazynu materiałów do prób i magazynu prób gotowych

ofert4Zawiadomienie o wynikach ZO-38-1.2

ofertZapytanie ofertowe ZO-33-1.2 Testery Bezpieczeństwa oraz Wytrzymałości Izolacji

ofert4Zawiadomienie o wynikach ZO-33-1.2

ofertZapytanie ofertowe ZO-37-1.2 Komputery i stacja robocza

ofert4Zawiadomienie o wynikach ZO-37-1.2

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